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Psychosomatic Therapy

The ESB/APM/ORK according to Radloff is an independent method, the bases of which come from both Chinese medicine and western manual therapy practices. The aim of every treatment is to create the unstable, energetic balance necessary for health.

This is achieved by stroking the meridians with a metal stick, mobilizing the pelvis, spine and peripheral body joints and treating the organs energetically.

The method works with the three classic levels that are described in the original Chinese medicine (CM). In the Radloff concept, the structural defense level as well as the energetic organ level and the constitutional core level can be assessed and treated.

The Radloff Method has been shown to be very effective on people of all ages, especially infants and children. Conventional medicine names and records diseases according to their symptoms. In the Radloff method, the existing energetic fullness or emptiness determines the course of therapy. Not the present complaints, but the underlying causes are recorded. Accordingly, every disease with the same symptoms can require different treatment concepts.

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